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FL-Process Scan

Wireless moisture and temperature measuring system for applications in very limited installation conditions

Usage and applications

The measuring system enables the monitoring of mixing and refinement processes in pharmaceutical, chemical and construction material industries, food production and refinement.

The FL-PROCESS-SCAN has particularly compact dimensions, which are unique on the market in this form. The sensor is suitable for installation in laboratory and tumbler mixers with a capacity of 50 litres or more. With monitoring over the wireless system, process parameters for example moisture, temperature and humidity will be captured and can be evaluated over Excel. This allows the reliable reproduction of optimal mixing conditions during mixing trials. This enables the user to draw better conclusions by mixing recipes.

Special Features

  • Highly compact design
  • 24 hours operation because of the rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion battery
  • Reliable transmission of measuring data through WIFI standard
  • Recording of measurement results in Excel format
  • Precise measuring results especially by small batches
  • The case is made of stainless steel
  • Highly wear-resistant ceramic is used for the measuring surface

Measuring Sensor (Technical Data)

Length: 140 mm / Sensor cover length: 100 mm / Width: 20 mm / Height: 25 mm
0,4 kg
Power Consumption
0,08 Watt
Temperature Range
0°C – 80°C / 32 °F – 176 °F
433,92 MHz
Cable Connection
Length: 250 mm; Miniature Round Connector, 5-pole, male
Stainless Steel / IP68

Evaluation Module (Technical Data)

Length: 190 mm / Width: 65 mm / Height: 20 mm
Power Supply
via integrated battery
Temperature Range
0°C – 80°C / 32 °F – 176 °F
Parameterization / Measured values
WLAN / APP (UDP protocol) for moisture, temperature, humidity
Stainless Steel / IP68

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