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Microwave Moisture Measuring System for Wireless Measured Value Transmission

Usage and applications

Moisture measurement of bulk materials in rotating mix drums, especially in the concrete and precast industry.

Special Features

  • Prevents material build-ups at the sensor´s measuring surface.
  • Installation of additional cleaning equipment is unnecessary.
  • No additional rinse water or cleaning agent will enter the batch and cause contanmination.
  • Reliable moisture measurement even with small or partial batches.
  • Reliable recording of mix temperature.
  • The risk of contamination due to residue from previous batches is minimized when alternating recipes.
  • Wear and Tear of our senor is greatly reduced because it rotates with the mixer drum, eliminating friction and damage from passing materials or debris.
  • Long operating time by using of changeable, high-performance rechargeable batteries.
  • Reliable measuring signal transmission through industrial-grade „WIRELESS“.
  • Easy installation through compact dimension of probe and transmitting unit.

Microwave Moisture Sensor (Technical Data)

Power Supply
+3,7V DC (+/–10%)
Outputs (analog)
0-20 mA (Moisture Measuring Value) 0-3,2 V (Temperature)
Measuring Range of integrated temperature sensor
0 - 80°C
Power consumption
Temperature Working Range
0 – 50°C
Connecting Line
500mm, mit 5-poligem Steckverbinder für Sendeeinheit
Ø: 75mm / Höhe: 22,5mm
0,4 kg
Stainless Steel / IP 68 Sensor´s measuring surface made of high wear resistant ceramic

Sensor Holder (Technical Data)

Welding Ring
Ø: 128mm / Height: 15mm / Weight: 0,6kg / zinced
Wear Protection Tube
Ø: 106mm / Height: 22,5mm / Weight: 0,7kg / zinced

Transmitter (Technical Data)

Cover (dimension with holder)
Height: 31mm / Width: 135mm / Depth:190mm (with antenna) Plastic / IP 54
Connection Option
1 Microwave Moisture Measuring Probe FL-MOBIMIC-SlimLine
Temperature Range
0 – 50°C
Power Supply
via Battery Pack

Receiver (Technical Data)

Height: 60mm / Width: 137mm / Depth: 165mm Aluminium / IP 68
Power Supply
24 V DC (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption
7 Watt
Temperature RangeGenauigkeit
0 – 50°C
Depending to measure range and material (appr.+/-0,3%)
System Connections
Analog Outputs (Moisture 0-20mA / Temp. 4-20mA)

Battery-Pack (Technical Data)

Cover (dimension with holder)
Height: 31mm / Width: 135mm / Depth: 215mm (with handle) Plastic / IP 54
Connecting Line
Length: 250mm; with connector for Transmitter
Battery Life
approx. 7-day continuous operation
+ 3,7 V
Temperature Range
0 – 50°C
Kunststoff (IP54)

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