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Microwave moisture measuring system for Wireless measured value transmission

Use and application

For moisture measurement of bulk solids in rotating mix drums. Paricularly in the concrete- and precast industry.

Special features

  • Prevents material build-up on the sensor measuring surface thus no need to install  a cleaning device and thus no additional entry of rinse water to avoid an unnecessarily increase of the natural moisture of the mixture
  • Reliable moisture measurement even with small mixtures
  • Reliable logging of the temperature of the mixture
  • Easy installation by compact probe and transmitter
  • Avoids possible material build-up when using moisture measuring bar probes. No contamination in the manufacture of mixtures with varying recipes
  • As the probe is rotating with the mixer, significantly lower shear forces act on the probe’s measuring surface as with a moisture measuring bar probe for reduced wear and extended life of the probe
  • By the installation in the bottom of the mixer, the risk of destruction of the probe during  mechanical cleaning due to foreign bodies in the mixer, but also through remaining hardened material remaining, is significantly reduced
  • Long operating time using replaceable batteries
  • Reliable transmission of measuring signals by industrial
    “WIRELESS standard”

Probe (Technical data)

ø 75mm / H 22,5mm
Power Supply
3,7V DC (+/-10%)
Power Consumption
Temperature Range
Output (analog)
0-20mA (Humidity measurement) / 0-3,2V (Temperature)
Connection Cable
500mm, with 5-pin plug connector for sensor
Type of Enclosure
Stainless steel (IP68), sensor measuring surface made of highly wear-resistant ceramic

Probe holder (Technical data)

Weld-on retaining ring
ø 128mm / H 15mm / Weight 0, 6kg / zinc-plated
Wear Sleeve
ø 106mm / H 30mm / Weight 0, 95kg / zinc-plated

Transmitter (Technical data)

H 31mm / W 135mm / L 190mm (with antenna)
Connection Options
1 Microwave moisture probe (FL-MOBIMIC SlimLine)
Power Supply
about battery pack
Temperature Range
0-50 ° C
Type of Enclosure
Plastic (IP54)

Receiver (Technical data)

H 60mm / W 137mm / L 165mm
Power Supply
24V DC (+/-10%)
Power Consumption
Temperature Range
0-50 ° C
Depends on measuring range and material (approx. +/-0.3%)
System Connectivity
Analog outputs (Moisture 0–20mA / Temperature 4–20mA),
1 reference output 10mA
Type of Enclosure
Aluminium (IP68)

Battery Pack (Technical data)

H 31mm / W 135mm / L 215mm (with handle)
Temperature Range
0-50 ° C
Battery Life
approx. 7-day continuous operation
Connecting Cable Battery
250mm, with connector for sensor
Type of Enclosure
Plastic (IP54)

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