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Water dosing computer for microwave moisture measurement and water dosing


Stone and metallic minerals industry, as well as in the glass, ceramic, foundry, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Special features

  • Optimization of mixing time by continuous monitoring of homogeneity
  • Universal application possibilities through individually configurable evaluation logarithms
  • Support the user through internal instructions
  • Convenient data storage via USB stick
  • Connectivity by 4 Microwave Moisture Measuring Probes (2 mixer probes and 2 aggregate material probes) und 4 Temperature Probes
  • Easy operation and automatic calibration of microwave moisture probe
  • Graphical displaying of the moisture period. Archiving and access to data during the production process through multi-tasking
  • Pioneering Ethernet technology also offers the possibility of remote maintenance
  • Graphical displaying and archiving of the moisture gradients and all parameters at any time
  • Integration of all fieldbus systems (e.g. CAN-bus, PROFIBUS DP, IEEE)

The Measuring System

The FL-MIKRO TURBO combines the proven technology of our moisture measuring systems with key developments to further simplify the integration of the FL-MIKRO TURBO.

The FL-MIKRO TURBO offers several connection possibilities for perfect integration into all common fieldbus systems, e.g. BUS.

Archiving of measured values and production data provides an additional control function. The reading progress of the entire mixing process is recorded, enabling the visual comparison of different mixing sequences.

Up to 4 microwave moisture measuring probes can be connected to the FL-MIKRO TURBO (e.g. 2 mixer probes and 2 aggregate material probes). In addition 4 temperature sensors can be connected. All sensors work independently of each other.

Technical data

4HE, 84TE
Dimensions in Cover
H 210mm / W 560mm / D 420mm
approx. 6kg
Power Supply
100–240V (+/-10%), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
8.4″ Touch-Display
Temperature Range
0-50 ° C
Measured Value Outputs
Control Outputs
Control Inputs
Analog Measurement Value Outputs
Analog Inputs for Measured Values
Depends on measurement and material range (approx. +/-0.3%)
Water meter, Water balance
Error message
Touch panel display, Warning sound, Potential-free contacts
Serial (option: digital)
Calculation Capacity
100 Mega-FLOPS (Million floating operation points per second)

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