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Laboratory device for the measurement of bulk samples


In the laboratory: inspection of incoming goods, quality assurance, etc., in the building materials, glass, ceramic, foundry, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, wood, paper, textile, mining, sewage treatment industries and agriculture.

Special features

  • Precise moisture determination by constant pressure conditions during measurement operations
  • High reproducibility of the moisture cross section through a sufficiently large amount of samples
  • Non-destructive measurement method
  • Very short measuring times (approx. 5 sec.)
  • Flexible usage options in different production processes
  • Easy handling and fast cleaning
  • Sturdy construction
  • Automatic calibration mode with unlimited number of calibration curves
  • Pre-set calibration curves in a calibration curve archive
  • Easy installation of software on the evaluating computer and using EXCEL files on other computers

The FL-Mikro LAB

Laboratory moisture measuring system FL-MIKRO LAB meets the mentioned requirements and conditions.

It is a three-part cylindrical container made of high-strength aluminium. The microwave sensor is located in its lower part. The middle section holds the measured material. A spring arrangement located in the upper part sets continuous pressure conditions in the device with a wheel and a corresponding scale. The FL-MIKRO LAB allows previously unrealized, short measuring times. The entire cycle (filling of the device and measurement) amounts to only about 1 minute. Fast responses to changes in the production process are thus guaranteed.

Microwave moisture measurement is a non-destructive measuring method. High temperatures or mechanical forces have an effect on the measured material. Consistent pressure conditions ensure a maximum measuring accuracy. Also, in difficult cases, such as low material density, moisture content is reliably measured. This enables the universal use in a variety of industries: building material, glass, ceramic, foundry, food, paper, wood, textile, mining and sewadge, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Moisture measurement can also be used in agriculture and biomass processing. Easy handling and fast cleaning of the entire test set-up through the three-part structure.

The FL-MIKRO LAB is so designed in it’s construction, that the use of a commercially available pressure washer is allowed. Large sample quantity allow accurate measurement of the moisture value.

Technical data

H 660mm / ø sample container 90 mm / volume 680 cm³
approx. 11kg
Power Supply
5V DC via USB interface
Power Consumption
Temperature Range
Depends on measurement and material range (approx. +/-0.3%)
Measuring Principle
Microwave / 433 MHz
Type of Enclosure
High-strength aluminium

Product information

Product Information